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  • Semi hard wax protective coating to protect steel in exposed severe environments
  • Very resistant to salt water spray and immersion
  • Used extensively in the oil, gas and marine industries from the UK North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico and the South China Seas
  • Used as a transit coating protecting machinery and plant from corrosion while in transit across temperate zones
  • Easily removed or can be left in place as a protective coating
  • Protects steel structures inside and out from corrosive humid atmospheres
  • Easily applied without safety equipment
  • Perfect for use after Ultra High Pressure water jetting to clean steel

Steel Proof can be used as a heavy duty corrosion preventative for steel in coastal, offshore and transport applications. Also as a transit coating where it will protect plant and machinery loaded into containers for shipping across climate zones when condensation can be high and lead to rusting. When the equipment is unloaded, the coating can be left in place where it will act as a lubricant or continue to protect, or it can be removed by washing with a solvent degreaser or steam cleaning.

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