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Enviroguard Buildings and Surface Protection


Enviroguard is an award-winning range of safe, environmentally friendly, low-cost products suited  to a wide variety of applications in the fields of construction and regeneration.


Enviroguard products have a  proven track record, protecting   high profile projects around the world.


Enviroguard AG Anti-Graffiti was chosen to protect the Scottish Parliament buildings after tests against competing European products.



Low Cost Protection against graffiti and environmental damage,  saves labour, materials and maintenance costs.


Low Visibility Protection for porous stone, brick and concrete surfaces from vandalism, graffiti, water and stain penetration.


Safe to use

Harmless to the environment No solvent or other eco-damaging chemicals, allows surfaces to 'breathe'.


Award Winning

Following Enviroguard AG's development, our company won a Queen Mother's Birthday Award for Environmental Improvements and a John Logie Baird Award for Innovation.

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